Am I Going Crazy?

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Question: I never asked my wife before we got married if she had a criminal record.  She got arrested 2 days ago for failing to register as a sex offender. I love her, but I also hate her right now - I have mix emotions, maybe because I’m still in shock. She does not look like a sex offender, but beautiful woman. How can I fall in love with a criminal? I called my mother and she suggested that I move back to DC, but she never liked her anyway. I don’t understand why she did not tell me about this, we have been married for 2 years. I never hit a woman before, but I honestly want to beat her a… Am I going crazy?

Answer: Hi, Inward Core does not call anyone crazy or use the term crazy for labeling people. However, in most cases if anyone received information of their spouse being arrested due to failing to register as a sex offender will have feelings of angry, depression, frustrations, or mix emotions. We encourage you to speak with your wife to find out all the details.  Plus process your feelings with a therapist in order to release all your emotions and help you move forward.
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