My 3yo May Need Help?

Inward Core I receive letters about my child not paying attention and moving around all the time from his pre-k teacher. They want to run test, but I don't want my child to be labeled. He is a healthy, 3 year old boy with a lot of energy. Am I harming my son by not allowing them to do the test?

Hello My 3yo May Need Help, It could be very frustrating to know your son's teacher may think your child have an issue because he has a lot of energy and not able to maintain focus in the classroom. Most parents do not want their child to be labeled so know you are not alone. The great thing is a child cannot gain a mental health diagnose until he/she is 4 years old so most doctors wait. However, the sooner you work with  your son lack of attention span if this is true the better it will be for him to manage his thoughts as he becomes older. If you will like to learn how Inward Core can assist you please send us an email to
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