My 10yo daughter got caught by her teacher kissing

Question: I'm a single mother, but right now I think the best thing to do is send my 10yo daughter to my mother, because I feel like a failure. She was caught kissing another girl in the bathroom, by her teacher. I can't tell her father because he will kill or disown her. I have not told anyone because I'm not sure my circle of friends can handle this and I don't want them to treat my daughter differently. My daughter apologized and said the girl asked her to try it. She asked me last night if I still loved her, because she know I disapprove of it. I told her yes, but I was very disappointed that she was kissing a girl. She cried, kept saying she was sorry, and begged me not to inform anyone. She asked if she could attend another school because no one wanted to be her friend after finding out. The other girl is tell everyone my daughter grabbed her and kissed her. What am I going to do if my daughter is gay? How can I protect my daughter if she decide to have sexual relationships with girls from her peers, family, and my friends? This is too much for me to....

Answer:  Hello, Inward Core encourage you to speak with your daughter of how she may be treated if she does ANY type of behaviors her family and friends may not approve of. Please encourage her to seek help from an adult if she is being bullied by her peers. Please know it is not your fault if your daughter is gay, but seek to love her unconditionally. Don't assume your daughter is gay because she got caught kissing a girl. She needs support as she face this situation in her life. We encourage you and your daughter to speak with a therapist in order to process your feelings.  We repeat, PLEASE make sure your daughter speak with a therapist, because this could be very hard to process or overwhelming for a 10yo. We also encourage you to find a support group of parents who are dealing with this same situation. Remember she is still your daughter no matter what she does or don't do.
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